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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Unlike many commentators, I don't see anything new or important in Ehud Barak's demand that Olmert "take a vacation." He's always spouting campaign-like sound bites. After experiencing his Baruch Hashem aborted reign of terror, I'll never forget his big words and wimpy actions. Or more simply put, he's all talk and the few things he has ever done, like that election-promise withdrawal from southern Lebanon, only facilitated our enemies' attacking us.

If Olmert actually falls as a result of Talansky's testimony, it will be because of a deal between the police and one of his cohorts. Will loyal secretary-assistant Shula Zacken take the plunge to save herself and make a deal?

As an interesting little "aside," while looking for a link which lists terror attacks during Barak's nightmare for Israel as Prime Minister, I found a letter Natan Sharansky wrote opposing Barak's proposals to the Arab terrorists. Barak's offer is so similar to Olmert's policies, if not worse, that no rational Israeli would ever want Barak back in power. I said "rational Israeli," didn't I? Well, according to the polls, 30% of the Israeli public believe Olmert's version of things. And many don't see what's wrong with having a "private bank." Don't forget that Shmuel Flatto-Sharon had no problem getting elected to Knesset on the platform, of "elect me to Knesset, so the French won't jail me for embezzlement."

Nobody could ever say that Olmert's stupid. He knows how much Israelis admire unrepentant crooks, so he's not about to go without a fight. Are the gamblers taking odds on whether Talansky will return for cross-examination?

What are the odds that Olmert will really lose his power? Will it all just burst at some point? He's quite the poker player.

Will we ever know what's in his hand?

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