Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More About the Late Shmuel Katz

My husband expanded on his obituary here. I also don't remember when we first met Moekie; no doubt my husband was introduced before I was. But I do remember visiting him in Tel Aviv, very early 1974. We had spent the Shabbat there with our two oldest daughters, who were both very young.
Many of the greats of that generation were very welcoming of us. Geula Cohen and Shulamit Livnat, (Limor's mother,) are among the very few still alive. Off hand I can think of a few others:
Emanuel Hanegbi, Tzachi's father (Geula Cohen is Tzachi's mother)
David Federman, Noam's father
Dr. Yisrael Eldad, Arieh's father
All of these people treated us as family, and Geula and Shulamit, may they enjoy long healthy lives, still do.


YMedad said...

And Pesach Mor and his late wife, Rina. Pesach was on the Altalena and his late wife, Rina, administered the Midrasha Leumit for Geula and also provided me with sleeping accommodations - but at her flat it was a bed (at Moekie's it was just the couch). Pesach provided support for Geula's early Soviet Jewry involvement.

Batya said...

Yes, though I never knew them as well. We're still in touch with Pesach.