Sunday, May 4, 2008

Olmert? He'll Fight Dirty Until His Last Political Breath

Never underestimate Ehud Olmert. When he was first elected Mayor of Jerusalem, it looked like he'd never fill Teddy Kollek's massive shoes. The fundraising organization which had fulfilled Teddy's dreams by always coming up with the cash plus, declared itself independent of the Olmert municipality. It didn't take all that long for Olmert to develop his own connections.

Nobody is more "connected" than Ehud Olmert. That's why he has had no problem staying in power even though the polls give him an approval rating that rarely makes it into the double digits. That certainly makes a mockery of the basic premise of democracy, which claims that government leaders must be popular, have public approval.
For years the police has been opening and closing and probably misplacing criminal files/investigations about Olmert's business deals.
Other politicians with fewer and less serious allegations against them have found themselves out of office, out of politics, but Olmert stays put.
These headlines:

They're just headlines. As long as Olmert's alive, I won't count him out. I'm a pragmatist.

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