Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NY Times-- Wrong Again

"President Bush’s visit to the Middle East last week offered a graphic primer on his failed policies — and the many dangers his successor will face."

At first I thought that there would be some common sense in this New York Times editorial, but then I continued reading. The writer/s has/haven't a clue.

I'm sick and tired of this attitude that Israel and the Arabs are just bickering kids who need a firm hand to "make peace." Now, I'm a mother, grandmother, teacher etc. I've spent close to 40 years living in Israel, and I didn't come here as a toddler.

Too many* Arabs here are blood-thirsty terrorists. That's the truth. There's no way to sugar-coat it, when the proof is dripping with blood and gore, not Al. Take off those rose-colored goggles and unplug your ears. This is no computer game. It's real life!

The Arabs here, cheered on by the world, want us gone, dead, banished--they're not fussy. Bush's dream/goal of another Arab terror state, shared by almost the entire world, is the key to Israel's destruction. You don't have to read "fine print;" the Arabs are very blunt about it.

I hope that the next US President will just busy him/herself with American problems, like the economy, health care for all, better education, safer roads, etc. And butt yourself out of my neighborhood!

*After taking everything into consideration, I edited this line. The story is in the comments.


Unknown said...

You're a warrior and a light unto the Jews, Batya. But when you write: "The Arabs here are blood-thirsty terrorists," I wonder if you also mean all those people who sweep our streets, build our homes, labor in our factories, grow our vegetables, as well as those who serve as combat soldiers in our army or the hundreds of doctors and nurses in our hospitals. I wonder if indeed, you clarify who's the guy who fixes your car the next time you take it to a garage or who tilled the ground where your carrots grew.
I love your work and your writing, but this one made me shudder.
Rafi Dobrin

Batya said...

Rafi, Ok, so should I write:
"Too many Arabs here are blood-thirsty terrorists..."

That's the truth, also that their leaders, and most of the world, want us gone, and they have no problems if we're dead. When have you heard spontaneous condemnations of Arab terror attacks on us? Where are the massive demonstrations against the Arab rocket attacks on Ashkelon and Sderot? They're too busy mourning Rachel Corrie.

goyisherebbe said...

I think that the statement about the Arabs being bloodthirsty terrorists is not totally accurate, but then again not totally wrong either. The Arab mentality, since it is part of an oral, tribal culture, does not have a concept of the autonomy of the individual. The individual Mohammed or Mustafa can speak to us on the job or on the street like a rational person and express his desire for peace, but as part of a group he can be coopted into the bloodlust of the Ramallah lynch or be threatened or cajoled into doing support work for a terror operation. You will never know the difference. The day before and the day after he can drink coffee with you and say the same things about peace and MEAN THEM. He can kill his wife or sister for family honor, too. They are not like us.
As for the thought of America and Europe butting out of our scene, that will happen when they cease to be world powers. It will not happen before because they are using their leverage to divide and conquer. The State Department and British Foreign Office and EU governments do not like the Jews. They did everything they could to not help us get out of Nazi-occupied Europe during the war so that somebody else could solve their Jewish problem. They are still doing the same. It is sad but true.

Batya said...

I may edit the line, since in all honesty it isn't accurate, since no absolutes are 100% accurate except what I've just written.

goyish' the world will leave us alone when we tell it to stop. They keep increasing the pressure, since Israel is asking for it.