Sunday, May 18, 2008

If You Want To Know...

If you want to know what's really happening in Southern Israel, Let My People Know - talk about it now is the place to look. It's a new blog by people in that area.

Life's no picnic. Arab terrorists are launching rockets, kassams, grads etc. Most of the international media are too busy trying to portray the Arab terrorists as suffering idealists, but the people who are really suffering are the Israelis, Jewish Israelis.

Check in to see what's posted and let others know about it.


judih said...

Thanks, Batya, for the plug!
May the contributions flow.

I'm waiting for permission before I print stories that students of Sha'ar HaNegev told me.

Meanwhile, I might just have to post a few anonymous comments from those kids who go to school amidst the fear and anxiety of 'Red Alert' and the ever-present question of where will the qassam fall.
Great photo, by the way.

Batya said...

We're all part of the same effort to get the true picture out to the world. I got that picture from a journalist site.

After Amona, I paraphrased what my students told me.

judih said...

Thanks, I've gone with your suggestion. I received the teacher's permission and have written the story that "S" told me.

Thanks, again, Batya

Batya said...

That's really great.
You can encourage the kids to write, adults, too, by having essay, poetry or even photography with caption contests.

judih said...

yay! Great creative idea. I'm grateful - I'm just starting a week of Matkonnot (18 to be orally tested this week from various grades) and my creativity is ebbing away.

I love the caption idea. Thanks

Batya said...

And, G-d willing, I'll post the results!