Wednesday, May 14, 2008

While Olmert Fiddles and Bush Dances A Jig

Ashkelon, a major Israeli city, is being attacked by the same Arab terrorists Olmert, Bush, Blair, Peres, Livni etc, want to reward with a well-endowed "country."

( Arab terrorists in Gaza fired two Grad Katyusha missiles at southern Ashkelon late Wednesday afternoon, and one rocket scored a direct hit on a children's medical clinic inside a shopping center. Parts of the building collapsed, trapping four people for a half-hour. (complete article and picture credit)

Read this first person account--near miss:

Attention K-Mart Shoppers - Incoming Rockets

by Sara Layah Shomron

As I walked into the Nitzan caravilla site, my temporary home away from home - may Gush Katif be speedily rebuilt, I heard and felt a BOOM! Once in my crowded caravilla, I turned on the computer and learned that the earth shake underfoot were 2 rockets that had landed at the Ashkelon Hutzot mall on the health clinic floor from where I was returning.

I met my son at the Hutzot mall in Ashkelon who had traveled there from his Jerusalem Yeshiva specifically for a 5:15pm medical appointment at the Hutzot Mall. He arrived earlier than expected (3:30) on account of concern over traffic of Jerusalem roads caused by American President Bush's visit. I hadn't expected my son so early and was still at the caravilla when he phoned me of his Ashkelon arrival. I instructed him to go to the specialist's waiting room area where hopefully he could be seen earlier - I would be there shortly. Fortunately someone I knew stopped for me as I walked toward the highway to catch a bus headed for Ashkelon. As fate would have it,
their destination was the same as mine.

We got him in to see the specialist, stopped in the pharmacy and were out at the bus stop to catch our respective buses - it was 5:15pm.

Had my son's scheduled appointment time been kept I fear ... there but for the grace of G-d go we.

May those injured have a speedy and complete recovery. May what
masquerades as our government quickly understand that George Bush is not the burning bush and act accordingly - with G-d's help fighting the war with a clear and unequivocal victory.

Now, honestly, do you think that US President Bush is a real friend of Israel? And do you think that Olmert and crew are doing what they should be for Israel?


Edward F. Villa said...

Shalom Sara from the Holy settelment of the Shomron,

This is a complete farce! Bush and his legion will be sealing their fate - For the L-rd, G-d of Israel will not be silent! He loves His beloved and will protect you jealously - for He is a jealous and exacting Judge.

Yesh Din, v’Yesh Dayan

NOW is the time for The Good, Blessed and Faithful of Israel to return back to their eternal promises of their eternal and livning Torah! G-d shall not let evil befall His precious and beloved for much longer... Go, go out and embrace your fallen brethern and redem your captives - For the L-rd shall surely redeem His People - As it is Written, according to His Holy will ...

May Israel merit to build The House of G-d in His Mount- that all may go well with Israel and reclaim all of it's eternal promises as They are written in the Eternal Torah of of the G-d, L-rd of Israel - The L-rd, G-d - He is One!

Shalom and be well my friends,

and , may it be His Holy and Perfect Will , that I return unto you my brethern and do valiantly for you my fallen... Fear not Israel any man, but Fear the L-rd , Your G-d for He is the creator of everything in the heavens above and the earth below and therein. Trust not man, but Trust the L-rd - He shall not fail you in your time of need.

Heed His words, as it is Written in His Holy Torah, and guided by His Tanakh.

-Edward Francisco Villa

Anonymous said...

Sara, I am relieved to hear that you and your son were not injured, and I pray for the full and speedy recovery of the wounded.

of course the timing of the attack couldn't have anything to do with recent headlines like these, right?
"Pres. Bush: Olmert is Honest and Abbas is a True Peace Partner" ( News/News.aspx/126154)
"Peres Conference Focuses on Founding "Palestine"" ( News/News.aspx/126163)
"Olmert: 'We'll Give Up a Large Part of the Territories'" ( News/News.aspx/126124)

in fact, while such foolish statements have their part in making the enemy think we are weak, the enemy's attempts to murder us have been constant. e.g. only a few days ago
"Hamas Rocket Nearly Hits Busload of Students in Sderot" ( News/News.aspx/126130)
and another headline, that I wasn't able to currently locate, where Hamas leaders demanded a "ceasefire" but blatantly stated that this would not prevent them from continuing to shoot missiles at us. i.e. we cease and they fire.

there is really only one solution to these constant attacks, which are supported by 80% of the population of Gaza. unfortunately it is not "politically correct" to say so; but the enemy must be eliminated. I hope that Tzahal will do what they need to do, b'ezrat Hashem, to protect our nation.

Sara Layah said...

Thank you Edward and Leah for your insightful and informative comments.

We, as a Nation, have clearly lost our raison d'etre and are held hostage by those keeping our citizens in capitivity. I have heard it said that a Nation is as strong as its weakest member. This being the case, we must as Edward suggests, return to the Torah way, embrace our fallen brethern, redeem our captives, and reclaim our proud heritage.

It seems to me that with clarity of purpose, we will as both Leah and Edward suggest, be able to do that which is demanded of us for our survival.