Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I feel sorry for Morris Moshe Talansky. He was burnt by his support for Olmert.

I honestly believe that he thought he was helping a true patriot with the expenses needed to win elections and become the Israeli Prime Minister. He did help Olmert, and Olmert did become Prime Minister, but he's now out of the closet as an extreme Leftist.

Before the last elections, some good people, looking desperately for a right wing leader, propelled Uzi Landau into front stage. I had my doubts from the beginning, feeling that Uzi was weak, and in tough times, leaders can't be shy. If someone needs pushing, he's no leader. But they got Irving Moshkowitz to back him financially. Not to prolong the suspense, Uzi fled the ring, and Moshkowitz found another way to support his causes.

The Talansky's and Moshkowitz's are going to be much tighter when the political shnurers (beggars/fundraisers) come begging.

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