Saturday, May 10, 2008

What are we going to do about Olmert?


Should we place bets? What are the odds?

  • Did Olmert break the law?
  • Will Olmert be forced out of politics?
  • Will Olmert be jailed?
  • Will Olmert's Kadima Party go kapoot?

The world is all excited about it. Crooked, corrupt Jews. Too busy amassing illegal money to run their country. Is that what what will be on the G-d forbid tombstone?

But I really must admit something. If you want to make it in politics, any place in the world, you ought to take lessons from Olmert. It's not just that he knows how to work a room like a Kennedy. He never shows doubt, nor insecurity.

Olmert's never intimidated. I remember seeing him being interviewed on TV news when the media still hated him, since then he was considered "right wing." The reporter, Geula Evan, didn't let him answer the questions and kept attacking what he said. He turned to face her, not the camera, and with one of those very firm don't fool with me smiles, he said: "Geula, now you will let me answer." And she did.

It's more than charisma. Actually a successful teacher has it. It's hard to turn on. It's an aura of authority and strength.

The question is: Will these new charges break Olmert's veneer? They will have to be diamond sharp. Let's see what this week brings...

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