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Friday, May 9, 2008

Remembering in New Jersey

As a long-time Israeli, and also someone who didn't go to Jewish schools, I have no idea how Israel is perceived in other places. Yes, I read the papers, blog and do have some contact with others, but it's nice the same.

I was glad to be sent Yom HaZikaron in Edison, NJ, a post on one of my favorite blogs about the school ceremony in memory of Israel's dead soldiers and victims of Arab terrorism. Yes, I stand corrected. Our dead soldiers are also victims of Arab terror.

I'd like to see other posts about how Jewish schools all over the world commemorate those Israelis, and others, murdered by terrorists. Please send the links in the comments. Thanks

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Leora said...

OK, now I am REALLY going to have to write up a post about our school's annual Yom Ha'atzmaut parade. And I'm going to have to send these links to our principal, Rabbi Gross, who really places a lot of emphasis on teaching our children about the modern State of Israel, the good and the bad (like terrorism and its victims).