Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Unequal Justice

It's not that I believe that all people are created equal, because we're not. We're all different, very different. But we should all be equal in terms of the law of whatever land we live in.

Unfortunately, here in Israel, there's a blatantly different standard for different people.

Today the Halamish brothers were sent to jail, even though their legal status, awaiting a Supreme Court Final Appeal and Presidential Pardon does not require waiting in jail. But Danny and Itzik Halamish are Jewish nationalists, lovers of the Land of Israel, so they get the "short end" of Israeli Justice.

Compare that to Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister, and supporter of Disengagement and additional destruction of Jewish communities. There are multiple criminal and corruption investigations against Olmert, but since Israel's highly politicized Justice Department supports Olmert's policies, he's home, at leas for now. It seems like the Israeli legal system may have to take the charges against Olmert more seriously, as they are multiplying.

Let's hope and pray that there will be equal justice for all.


Anonymous said...

because the halamish boys are criminals, waiting for appeal/pardon.
the prime minister, for whom we all pray every shabbat, is only under investigation, and not a criminal. equal treatment.

Keli Ata said...

I'm not sure what the exact charges against the brothers are. At least in the US people convicted of certain crimes are permitted to remain free on bail pending an appeal but obviously not one convicted of a very serious crime such as murder.

You're correct that Olmert is under investigation and has not be convicted or pled guilty. But somehow I think even if he is convicted he'll be pardoned.

What troubles me is how young Israelis can be charged with a mere violation or misdemeanor for participating in a protest and be locked up for weeks and months without due process.

Batya said...

a, not so simple
I guess I didn't explain it clearly.

ka, that's it. Thanks