Friday, May 16, 2008

Even Those Who Admire Us

There's a very favorable excerpt from an article by a Muslim, Israel Deserves Admiration - Salim Mansur, being passed around, forwarded, sent in emails and blogged about.

Here's the part everyone is excited about:

The birth of Israel has offered Jews a secure home where they may prosper without any fear or apology. If Israel had been born ten years earlier, then a great many Jews who perished in Hitler's death camps likely would have survived. Jews are an insignificant fraction of the present world population of over six and a half billion - around 14 million, or 0.2% of the total. Yet Jewish contributions in the making of the modern world tower above that of any other people in relative terms and the immense odds of survival as a people given the level of hostility directed at them. Turning a desert into one of the rich economies of the world few imagined six decades ago is a proof of how much more could be achieved if those (who are) fighting Jews joined with them instead.
The writer, a Muslim, is an associate professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario.

But if you read the full article, you'll find something not true at all:

"Israel's birth was assisted by Britain, joined by France,..."
For those of us more familiar with the struggle for Israel's independence, it's clear that Great Britain did everything in its power to prevent the Jewish Nation from coming into existence.l It supported the Arabs and ignored Arab aggression and terrorism against the struggling Jewish entity. One of the reasons that Great Britain severely restricted Jewish immigration was to keep the Jewish population too low to facilitate a Jewish State.

Great Britain was also one of the only two countries to recognise Jordanian rule over Judea and Samaria. During the British Mandate, Jewish freedom fighters were jailed, while Arab terrorists were allowed to continue attacking Jews.

In actuality, not a single foreign country did anything to support Israel's establishment. We must remember that.

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