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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hope For The Future

This is 15 year old, Tzurit Berenson (or Bronson or some other pronunciation of the consonants.) Tzurit, very impressively, defeated all of the other contestants in the World Bible Contest on Israel's Independence Day.

Afterwards the press was filled with reports of how she had handed Olmert a letter requesting that Israel fight to free Jonathan Pollard, but I didn't notice anything about her choice of jewelry. In the print edition of The Jerusalem Post, I noticed her bracelets, orange* bracelets. This extremely precocious young woman has a good grasp of present-day Israel, besides knowing the Bible better than her peers and better than most adults. Remember that it takes a very knowledgeable committee to make up the questions in the contest, but each contestant must be able to answer the questions without assistance.

*Orange is the protest color against Disengagement. You may find it strange that the previous sentence is written in present tense, although Disengagement already happened.

Before Disengagement you could see orange flags and orange bracelets and orange clothes all over. I still wear an orange bracelet, rather dingy after all this time. My favorite summer skirt has big, bright orange flowers. I bought it to wear when I spoke at an anti-Disengagement Rally in Times Square, NY.

Israel is still suffering the price of Disengagement, not only the law-abiding Israeli families whose homes were taken from them. The Israeli south is suffering a blitz of kassam rocket attacks launched by the Arab terrorists from what was Gush Katif. The Arab produced rockets may be "primitive," but they kill and destroy very effectively.

Tzurit Berenson, the same young girl who impressed all by her superior knowledge of the Bible also understands that we need our HolyLand. I can see it in her choice of jewelry.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Hopefully, there are many more like her.

Batya said...

I believe that there are. The kids, at least out here, see through many of the lies. Think of all the young girls who have challenged the Israeli legal system and won.

Leora said...

Nice to see a bright young woman honored for her intelligence (in contrast to the young woman Mother in Israel wrote about recently, whose teacher said "she's not that smart").

Israel needs good leadership. I hope some of these smart youth will take the helm soon.

Batya said...

The girls and boys compete equally at the Bible Contest, because when it began it was acceptable and now it's the long-time custom.
Any new Bnai Akiva type activity would be separate.

Lion of Zion said...

i watched the contest. i couldn;t beleive the questions these kids were answering. i saw her give olmert a letter but did not know what it was.

"Any new Bnai Akiva type activity would be separate."

i won't type i my first thought. i'll just sigh.

Batya said...

I couldn't believe how they answered the questions. It was like they had everything memorized in their brains and were focusing on reading what we couldn't see.

re: the "separate" business
"Charda"l" has grown, that's the "chareidi-leumi." Many "Bnai Akiva types think Chareidi is more genuine Judaism, but that's for another post...

Anonymous said...

Though I myself do support the disengagement (with extreme resignation), I applaud the convictions of this young woman and her decision to use her (well-deserved!) moment in the spotlight to publicize two causes close her her heart.

Batya said...

rivster, thanks for the comment. I just don't quite understand what you mean by "with extreme resignation."