Sunday, May 25, 2008

Could this be true?

We all know that US Bush would never endanger his own country, and he has always claimed to be "tough on terrorism." What really makes this interesting is the mantra we keep hearing that "the Americans are forcing us." So if Bush really thinks there's a screw loose in Etrog Olmert, it's more proof that Olmert and the Left are lying.

And you know what happens, one lie leads to another and another and... when did it all start?

Some of the latest
twi$ts in the Olmert $candal would make good fiction. But who would believe it? And what is "Hamas leaders in Syria 'very disturbed' over peace talks" supposed to mean? Are they jealous, or is it just one of their pr exercises?
What about these four musketeers? Who's going to break first?
It would be a nice little "writing exercise" to see how some of the top mystery/detective writers would handle it? Grisham? Ludlam? Michael Connelly? Who's your writer of choice?


Anonymous said...

If I had the talent, I'd write a script for Peter Falk as 'Columbo'.

Batya said...

Do you really think Colombo could solve it? I thought it needed Connelley's Harry Bosch.

Unknown said...

Lois McMasters Bujold should send in Miles Vor Kosygan and his crew. He could handle things in the same way as Keith Laumer's Retief or Jack Ryan's son (from Tom Clancy).

Batya said...

Thanks, saba, sounds interesting!!