Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Didn't Roll Bandages

With today's accepted norms of cleanliness, people who want to help the troops on the frontlines don't roll bandages, but there's still plenty to do.

Yesterday, I joined dozens of men, women, youth and children packing A Package from Home. The logistics of the undertaking are tremendous, as was the enthusiasm of the packers.

We met at 1pm at the Beit Knesset HaNasi in Rechavia, Jerusalem. We were told that we had to be finished by 4pm, and that there would be eight hundred, 800, packages.

Over the years, I had read about Barbara's project, whch had rapidly outgrown her living room. It was one of those "I'd love to do it" dreams, and finally I had the opportunity.

I met a number of friends, like the legendary Toby Willig and her daughter, Ruthie.

Toby Willig and I

We were all so overwhelmed by the massive quantities of gifts we'd be packing for our IDF Israeli soldiers. It was very emotional.

Shirts and Socks for the IDF

And then we got to work, and we worked quickly.

Packing Candy


By 2:30 the packing was completed and the room was being returned to its synagogue set-up.

Bags of Packages


Anonymous said...

Now Toby Willig will have to catch up on her JPost letter to the editor writing barrage. :)

Wonderful work, people. Tizku L'Mitzvot and to some B'sarot Tovot here, for a change.

Batya said...

Toby's an inspiration.

I was just a simple "soldier" in the operation. The organizers are fantastic.

They said that gloves and hats are needed, so if anyone has a connection for donations, contact them.

Sara Layah said...

Sara Layah said...
Kol HaKavod to the organizers, and to all those "soldiers" who participated in this amazing project.

Batya, I love that pic of you and Toby -
pearly whites forever!

Batya said...

When my younger son was in the army, he received one of the packages, and he's very grateful.

Toby's great. Her daughter is in the picture under ours.

aliyah06 said...

This is GREAT!! And the word is getting out--we just as a family enrolled as volunteers to find items and come pack because a friend of ours emailed us about this wonderful program.

Kol haKavod!

Batya said...

It's a great mitzah.

I hope to get another email. I have to get them the disc with the pictures.

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Batya said...