Monday, January 5, 2009

Tehillim-Psalms, List of Wounded Soldiers

Tehillim List of Wounded Soldiers

The following is a list of names of wounded IDF soldiers for Tehillim. As of Monday 11:00AM EST

Please pray for their complete and speedy recovery:

Dvir ben Laya - seriously injured;
Noam ben Aliza - one leg amputated; doctors fighting to save the other;
Li'el Hoshea ben Miriam - serious head injury;
Neriya ben Rivka - serious head injury;
Yitzchak ben Navah - moderate shoulder injury;
Netanel ben Navah - moderate shrapnel wounds to a lower extremity;
Maxim ben Olga - light lower extremity injury;
Yisrael ben Ilana - light shrapnel injury to an ear;
Yo'ad Ido ben Frieda Rivka - light shrapnel injuries;
Idan ben Liora - light shrapnel injuries;
Nadav ben Miriam - light shrapnel injuries;


Anonymous said...

thanks for this list. it really gets to the heart of it. keep posting whatever you can and we'll keep davening bezrat H'.

Shalom Al Yisrael,

Victory for Israel!!!

Batya said...

Every prayer helps.

Mindy Schaper said...

Thank you for posting. Much appreciated.

Batya said...

Just the "kli."
Oy, refuah shleimah to them.