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Thursday, January 22, 2009

He Saw Rachel Imenu

Today I almost fainted in our teachers' room. One of our teachers in Ulpanat Tzvia Sedot Negev, Aharon, said that his brigade witnessed the appearance of Rachel Imeinu. He said with great emotion that in the two weeks he served in Gaza, there were more miracles than could possibly be counted!

Aharon said that the brigade was divided and not all of the members were present when she appeared. I enjoined, "I want the name! The name of the soldier who spoke with Rachel Imeinu!" He said the soldier's name is Yoel S., and that they have been serving together in reserve duty for years. Yoel S. had the great merit to witness a miracle like those one only reads about in the weekly Parsha! (Torah portion) And, not only did he see Rachel; he spoke with her!

Drawing near a building, a woman dressed in a white Jalabiya (the traditional clothing of North African Jews from places such as Morocco and Tunisia) came out. She told them in fluent Hebrew to leave immediately, as the building was booby trapped. The third time this occurred, Yoel queried, "Who are you?" Then she revealed herself as Rachel.

The rest is history! (Read Yitz's blog post from January 20th for the entire story!) I believed the story even before my day at work today. But having spoken to a level headed, G-d fearing colleague whose brigade witnessed this miracle sent chills up the spine of everyone in our teachers' room. Indeed, I think it's a tremendous kiddush Hashem to publicize this story far and wide!

May Hashem send Rav Mordechai Tzemach ben Mazal Tov a full recovery and keep him well, until 120. May He and we all merit the prompt arrival of Moshiach speedily in our days!


jack said...

if you realy believe this nonsense,
i have a bridge here in brooklyn for sale

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. beautiful.
israel needs to hear this. esp chaim in brooklyn. (i know some chassids in brooklyn he needs to hang out with). chaim, od imahot chai!

kol ha kavod for posting this.

Netivotgirl said...

Nonsense? Some people claim belief in G-d is total nonsense as well! I have an M.A. from Touro College in Education. My colleague (who served in Gaza for 2 weeks and whose brigade was involved) has an M.A. in math and has worked with me for 12 years. He is a very NORMAL ben Torah and an excellent teacher. AND, he has no history of mental issues. Also, he said that SEVERAL soldiers witnessed this "nonsense!" Yoel S. is the name of the soldier who asked her, "Who are you?" and received an answer. We all have free will, and can believe or not believe as we see fit. But please, don't call this nonsense. Had you lived in Netivot as I did throughout this war, and seen the miracles I have witnessed, you'd be less quick to judge. How about coming over?

jack said...

it is realy a shame that frum jews have to resort to outright lies and ignorant superstition,to prove to others and themselves the EMES of our beautifull religion.
you realy don't have to dothis,judiasm could stand on it's own feet without resorting to all kinds of lies and nonsense,only christianity and islam and the other nonsense religions are forced to this,
so please please stop this ignorant nonsense,you are all causing a big CHILUL HASHEM


jessica said...

Chaim, you have need spiritual searching before you can be blessed with such an occurance. You are holding yourself back from great blessings. Nonsense is your pessimistic outlook and negative comments!