Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maybe Israel Tries Too Hard Not To Injure Gazan Civilians

I wonder if Israel should be making such efforts, not only to prevent injury to Gazan civilians, but to publicize the fact. Considering the Arab mentality, doesn't it make us look weak?

The Arabs, themselves, unabashedly endanger civilians as human shields, so why should we be so apologetic?

Our civilians are losing sleep, suffering terrible stress and all of the resultant health problems. The government, the army, should be more sensitive to protecting our soldiers and planning operations with that in mind. My neighbor, Avihu Keinan was killed, because the army action was planned in a way which endangered him, because the army/government was more worried about the Arab civilians.

The hasbara, PR, information campaign should stress that the civilians are as guilty as the terrorists, because of their acquiescence, their passivity.

If they want the war to stop, then they must make the Hamas unwelcome. Did it ever occur to anyone, that maybe the Gazan civilians are in favor of the attacks against Israel?

Think about it.

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