Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Unilateral" is A Curse Word

"Unilateral" is A Curse Word, because every unilateral=one-sided agreement brings a curse on us. The world has been waiting, snickering for Israel to give up fighting a war we should have won.

I just heard Olmert's bombastic statement on TV, claiming that we had achieved all of our goals. Maybe he did. Kadima is doing better at the polls, but when the guys come home from the army, they'll tell the truth. Their hands were tied. They had to take "breaks" to feed the terrorists. They weren't allowed to finish the war.

Another Olmert faux war. Just posturing and getting our soldiers killed and injured. He knows that neither Egypt nor any UN, US or any other force will protect us, will block further missile development in Gaza.

And that, "Just let them try to attack us, and we'll respond..." Sure he'll respond with hot air, words, just words! We've heard the threats and promises so many times, and so have the Arabs.

Olmert's just hoping to keep things quiet until after the elections. And Barak, gevalt. No guts to finish the job.

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