Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hillary, Pro-Israel?

I think of Hillary as the shiksa, she certainly is, who toyed with Judaism when married to a Jew, and now divorced, resorts to her old crowd.

I can't understand why this New York Observer article keeps painting Hillary as some long term reliable pro-Israel politician. To me, she's the same Hillary who kissed Suha Arafat, the ambitious politician who adjusted her rhetoric to New York State, as the carpetbagger Senator.
One thing for sure. Hillary Clinton will feel lots more comfortable with the State Department than she did in New York, where she had to pander to Jews. She's a Southern Girl, and I'm not referring to Miami Beach.
Unfortunately, Israel's politicians and media are incapable of discerning people's real feelings. They fall for all the pretty words, pomp etc. There's a national personality disorder, like the type of person who gets raped on multiple occasions.
Hashem Y'shmor, May G-d protect us from ourselves...


Anonymous said...

She has always beebn "pro israel" before during and after her time serving new york.
She is a big loss for NY and a gain for the world, and will ten times better for dealing with the middle east mess than condi the idiot.

Batya said...

Maybe we ought to define "pro-Israel." No American politician would admit to being anti-Israel. They'll talk "tough love," and all that garbage.

But none of them, with the exception for a couple of Jewish ones, not active in national American politics, would say that they're against another Arab country in the heartland of the Jewish nation. None of them would declare Jerusalem Israel's capital, after being elected. How many have cheered Israel on during this war, condemning the Arab attacks? Saying: "I support you, both," isn't enough.