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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Government's Statement re: Unilateral Cease Fire

I posted the entire statement on Blog Free, my otherwise inactive political blog. I had the displeasure of hearing Olmert live on TV.

It doesn't matter who was lying or exagerating in the Condi-Ollie argument about the UN Resolution, because Condaleezza Rice won this round for sure.

Absolutely nothing, less than nothing is to Israel's benefit! We didn't finish the job.

  • It's like a cancer surgeon only taking out part of the tumor and not giving any chemo or radiation.
  • It's like stopping the antibiotics halfway, before the illness is gone. The bacteria develops a stronger strain resistent to the same onece effective antibiotics.

That's Olmert, the same Olmert who sent soldiers, underprepared and under equipped to Lebanon, and that's the same Ehud Barak who fled Lebanon when becoming Prime Minister. And that's the same Tsippi Livni who was Olmert's #1 partner in the disasterous Lebanese war.

Here are a few quotations from Olmert's statement, emphasis mine:

...our targets, as defined when we launched the operation, have been fully achieved, and more so:

· Hamas was badly stricken, both in terms of its military capabilities and in the infrastructure of its regime. Its leaders are in hiding. Many of its members have been killed. The factories in which its missiles were manufactured have been destroyed. The smuggling routes, through dozens of tunnels, have been bombed. The Hamas’s capabilities for conveying weapons within the Gaza Strip have been damaged. The scope of missile fire directed at the State of Israel has been reduced. The areas from which most of the missiles were launched are under the control of IDF forces. The estimate of all the security services is that the Hamas’s capabilities have been struck a heavy blow which will harm its ability to rule and its military capabilities for some time...

During the operation, the State of Israel demonstrated great sensitivity in exercising its force in order to avoid, as much as possible, harming the civilian population not involved in terror. In cases where there was any doubt that striking at terrorists would lead to harming an innocent civilian population – we abstained from acting. There are not many countries which would act thusly.We have no disagreement with the residents of Gaza. We consider the Gaza Strip a part of the future Palestinian state with which we hope to live a life of good neighborliness, and we wish for the day when the vision of two states is realized.

All I can say is pray and repent!


Anonymous said...

Cant have any distractions for the upcoming hussein festival as directed by the Israeli puppet master Bush. There's the reason. I am completely baffled why haShem allows this to continue.

Pesky Settler said...

Ah yes, Israel was so sensitive, Gilad Shalit is STILL not home!

Batya said...

Shiloh, G-d has been very busy making sure the Arab terrorist missiles haven't hit hundreds of innocent Jews. Negotiations he left to humans, and those humans aren't doing their jobs.

Pesky, you're right.