Thursday, January 29, 2009

Post-Operation Update, Moshe Avitan (Moshe Rafael ben Aliza A'isha)

Here's the latest update on Moshe Avitan from his mother-in-law. Please continute praying for a refuah shleimah, a complete recovery. Thank you.

Dear Relatives and Friends,

I had hoped to get the update out in time for people in Israel to read it tonight. However, the phone has been going non-stop since I got home from the hospital. So sorry Israeli people if you don't see it until Thursday morning. At least those in the States will get to see it today and possibly also England and mainland Europe.

I'm extremely happy to tell you that, thank G-d, the operation went well this afternoon. It was about three hours from the time Moshe went into the operating theater until we heard that he was in the recovery room. The bullet has been removed and is ready to hand over to the Shabak ("Shin Bet", Security Services) for examination by the ballistics people. They have also somehow put temporary support under his left eye so as to align the two eyes. This will have to be removed in three or four weeks. By that time, presumably, they expect the left eye to be "supporting itself". For the next few days Moshe will only be able to eat liquids and semi-liquids. This seems rather a shame as he was beginning to come back to being "Moshe" and eating, talking and generally behaving normally. Now we have to go back a bit. Slowly, slowly...

I haven't seen Moshe since the operation. After coming out of the recovery room he went back to the ward and only Sarah and, possibly, his mother are to be with him this evening. I hope to be able to report on his continued progress tomorrow. Keep praying please!!

All the best,


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