Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 200th Havel Havelim-- Celebrating Big Time

Jack had envisioned a different celebration of the 200th Havel Havelim, but when he looks back, he'll see that he has really been celebrating these past two weeks in his almost 30 and still counting war updates.

Jblogging has come of age, when we're considered part of the
Israeli media efforts. We may be "hobbyists," non-professionals, but our journalism experience and skills can't be denied. Thanks to Soccer Dad, the visionary jblogger, who first came up with the idea of a Jewish blog carnival, we know each other, or each other's blogs.

Most of us have been surprised at the directions our blogs have taken, and the various star jbloggers have changed; some disappearing entirely. Personally I never expected my political blog,
Shiloh Musings, to have so many others blogging on it, but I'm happy to see it more a magazine, than just online vanity press. Especially now, during the Operation Cast Lead, it's an advantage that you can read Sara, Nitzan and Esther, Netivot on Shiloh Musings.

As a group, we do have impact, and that's community, the word used by many during
last summer's jblog conference.

Don't forget that jblogging isn't just about war and Israel. It's also about whatever we (Jews) do or think or eat. Don't forget the
Kosher Cooking Carnival! Send in your posts, please, not just recipes, halacha, customs, stories etc. And there's JPIX; send your links, too.

To be precise, thanks, Jack!

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