Monday, January 19, 2009

Major David Shapiro

I received this from a colleague of mine. I am copying/ pasting this for all to see. In order to view the clip, copy and paste the link.

Please watch this short video clip about the hero who saved many lives at Yeshivat Mercaz Harav. Watch and listen to this excerpt from Ilana Dayan's interview with David Shapiro and please pass on to others!
The note below is what I received. Too bad we don't have people of his calibre in the present government! Netivotgirl

"Shalom! It took a few weeks to get the permission needed from a bunch of different Israeli army officials to make this video, but, thank G-d, it finally exists. It's about Major David Shapiro, the hero of the Merkaz Harav
massacre, and today a hero leading troops in Gaza.

I want to get it's inspirational message about Israel's soldiers out to the
world. If you do as well, please send it on to your lists!" com/watch? v=UkFKUvNFkg4

or, to bypass You Tube
http://www.yideoz. com/view_ video.php? viewkey=5b4477f7 60ca0e7449d7

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