Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Likud Is Pro-Pseudistinian State, So Vote Ichud Le'umi!

I had to read this a few times, until it hit. Via my facebook account, I got an invitation to a debate:

Event Info Host: Hatikva - The Zionist National Party
Type: Meetings - Informational Meeting
Network: Global
Time and Place Date: Monday, January 19, 2009
Time: 9:45am - 12:45pm
Location: אולם זוהר - Zohar Hall
Street: קריית טבעון
City/Town: Kiryat Tivon, Israel
מדינה פלשתינאית, בעד ונגד - Palestinian State, for & against
עימות - debate

הליכוד- יובל שטייניץ
קדימה - נחמן שי
העבודה - אבישי ברוורמן
מרצ - אילן גילאון

התקווה-האיחוד הלאומי - רון בריימן

אולם זוהר, קריית טבעון,
יום שני הקרוב
19.01.09, 09:45
Yuval Steinitz - Likud
Kadima - Nahman Shai
Labor - Avishai Braverman
Meretz - Ilan Gilon

Hatikva-Ichud HaLeumi - Ron Breiman

Zohar Hall, Kiryat Tivon,
Monday 19.01.09, 09:45am

Only one party opposes a Pseudistinian State, Hatikvah-Ichud Le'umi, and that's why I'm voting Hatikvah-Ichud Le'umi!

Don't pay attention to the Likud's scare tactics about their needing more votes than Kadima. They must take votes from Kadima, the Left, not from the right. How could anyone else vote for Dan Meridor, Uzi Dayan etc. Bibi has been busy building a center-left party. He needs a strong Right to make him realize that the people don't want another Left wing government. That's what a vote for Hatikvah-Ichud Le'umi will do, make Bibi better.


Anonymous said...

I'm probably with you on voting for Ichud Leumi this time. Very strong right platform, and no ambiguity this time.

But I don't buy the 'what Bibi needs is a strong right' claim. Why does everyone assume that Bibi will form a right-wing coalition? Voting for Bibi is voting for 'pragmatic' people who supported the disengagement. Vote for Ichud Leumi, because it is the only party representing Eretz Yisrael, and not afaid to tell the truth.

Batya said...

Whatever our reasons, our choice is the same. Also I don't feel any certainty that Bibi would try a Right wing coalition. He'd only do it if the Left won't accept his offers.

Anonymous said...

I challenge you to find a recent quote where Yuval Steinitz of the Likud promotes a 2 state solution.

this is what Steinitz said just 4 months ago - just the opposite.

This is either a misleading announcement published by Hatikva or an intentional smear.

Steinitz and Eldad are almost twins on this matter.

And I've seen Matot Arim's letter making similar claims against the Likud without one bit of documented proof.

And the left is laughing.

Batya said...

That's the program, but even if Steinitz is against it, the Likud hasn't come out clearly against another Arab state.