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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Package From Home, Now on Yideoz

Last week, years after first hearing about Barbara Silverman's ongoing and important contribution to Israel, A Package From Home, I finally joined the packers.

And packing wasn't enough for me. I'm volunteering, trying to get the organization more publicity. I posted some of the videos I took on my youtube, and then I volunteered to set up a youtube for A Package From Home. I have no idea why, but youtube kept rejecting us. Then suddenly I remembered that there's a Jewish video host, yideoz.com. Within seconds they welcomed our account, and now you can see the videos there. Just "search" A Package From Home.

A Package From Home is an unbelievable organization. It keeps its expenses at just 3%. Almost everyone involved volunteers. For information about donating, please click the link.

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