Saturday, January 31, 2009

60 Minutes, Let The Time Run Out!

CBS's veteran news show, 60 Minutes, just had a program about Israel. They called it "Time Running Out For A Two-State Solution?" Thomas Friedman also wrote an op-ed with the same theme.

One thing I've learned is that whenever someone tries to sell you something that must be decided on, signed for "immediately, or..." it's something bad. And the sic "Two-State Solution" is worse than bad. It'll make the Arab Hamas terrorist missile attacks from Gush Katif look like Heaven.

Please look at these maps.

Please look again.

On 60 Minutes, Tsippi Livni reiterated that she was going to remove Jews like me from their homes. Here's the transcript:
"It's not going to be easy. But this is the only solution," she replied.
"But you know that there are settlers who say, 'We will fight. We will not leave. We will fight,'" Simon asked.
"So this is the responsibility of the government and police to stop them. As simple as that. Israel is a state of law and order," Livni said.

The "only solution?" And what about "law and order?" Contrary to the Arab lies Bob Simon reported on his show, the Arabs build thousands of buildings all over Judea and Samaria without the need of permits and inspections. It's rare for the Israeli authorities to destroy unsafe, unapproved or Arab terrorist homes in Israeli cities, and when they do it takes months of complicated decision-making. The Arab mansions I photographed a couple of years ago are dwarfed by the new ones.

Some of you may expect me to cry, rant and rave about how Tsippi's plan would affect me personally, but I don't see it as a personal problem. I don't see it as a local Shiloh problem, nor a Shomron (Samaria) problem nor a Judea-Samaria problem.

Please look again at the maps. It should be very clear that the establishment of an Arab terrorist state in Judea and Samaria would herald the destruction of the State of Israel, G-d forbid. That is the aim of the Arabs. Hamas, Fatah, Hizbullah etc all agree on it. They're all the same.

In May of 1967, Israel was a poor struggling country, suffering from Arab terrorism, when Egypt, Jordan and Syria began to threaten war. Egypt demanded that the United Nations remove its "peace-keeping forces," which had been in place to prevent war. The UN quickly fled. Egypt, Jordan and Syria bragged that they would destroy Israel and shove it "into the sea."

I remember all this. I wasn't a child at the time. And at the time, Israel only held parts of Jerusalem and none of Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights, nor Sinai and Gaza.

The present, the post-June, 1967, Six Days War violence against Israel is part of a long history of violence against Israel. It began long before Israel took possession of our Biblical, our historical Homeland. They never wanted us here and never will want us here. There is no possible compromise.

As I've said many times before, I'm a pragmatist. I'm not a dreamer. I look at the facts, at the map and at history.

60 Minutes is just a TV show. It didn't tell the truth. The Arabs who appeared on it didn't tell the truth, and Tsippi Livni didn't tell the truth either. The only one who spoke straight was Daniella Weiss.


Shifra Malka of JFB said...

The Rebbe said that even *talk* about giving away parts of the Holy Land increases terrorism against Jews (r"l, may the Mericiful One protect us)--and not just in Israel itself, but around the world.

Batya, keep up the good work!

Batya said...

thanks Shifra

Yes, words have power. We shouldn't even think bad things.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I will be going through some of these issues as well.


my website: breathing deeply

goyisherebbe said...

Why is it that each so-called right-wing Likud or Licouldn't government has one or more leftist ministers in vital positions? A few governments ago it was Tommy Lapid who succeeded in getting the synagogue in North Tapuach outpost torn down. In the last govt. it was, of course, Defense Minister Ehud Barak. In this govt. it is Injustice Minister Tsippi Livni. Meanwhile MK Moshe Feiglin has had his coalition privileges stripped because of his activism on behalf of rights of Jews on the Temple Mount. Bibi is responsible. He is a Trojan horse. He will have to go.

Batya said...

goyish, Bibi never promised Right, just Center. Many people have been conned. That's why I won't vote Likud.