Friday, January 9, 2009

Back At The Palin Ranch

For those who think that Sarah Palin will be allowed to just grandmother it, knitting by the stove in her gubernatorial igloo, there are Sarah Palin fans who want to see her in higher office. As if she's the quiet knitting type.

Video Exclusive: A Revealing Morning With Sarah Palin

Watch this:


rickismom said...

Very interesting! Thanks.

Batya said...

America's left is terrified of her.

Anonymous said...

let me tell you how it is in america re sarah palin. liberals/dems froth at the mouth and become crazy at the mention of her name. if i were to mention to my many liberal friends that i liked her they would look at me with utter disbelief and disgust.
it is sad and disenheartening that people react so negatively to such an exceptional leader.
liberals see her as some looney, rightwing fanatic who is also stupid. if you try to explain that as governor she oversees 9,000 people (at least) in the state; has taken on big oil and won; has taken on her own party leaders and won; someone who is raising a big family in a state with very harsh climate condidtions...if you try to explain any of that; forget it. they are completely blind and refuse to look at her integrity, her values, her faith. republican, mostly religious jews (like me) love her. but the liberal lefties think she represents terrible things.
it is so sad to see such a great american cast aside for a lying, cheating criminal like b. hussein.

thanks for posting this video.

sarah palin has a flag of israel in her office window and has said on several occasions how much she supports israel. on the blog there are pieces about how chabad of alaska supports her. she recently lit a chanukia there.

Batya said...

Thanks for the info. my gut reaction is that she's quite a lady, a real power. She's still young and who knows what's next.

Anonymous said...

there is evidence that both her parents are actually jewish. apparently the mother wasn't raised jewish and the father became a xn.

there's a piece on the blog about it.

she, however, is an evangelical xn.

Batya said...

No surprise, but it has been denied. Please post the link here in the comments.