Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Many Pro-P, Destoy Israel Rallies Have There Been?

This Fox TV News clip is truly frightening. It was taken at "back to back" pro and anti Israel rallies in Detroit.

I've heard of similar in Florida, Chicago and California. I think it's important to know how strong the anti-Israel and Muslim population is getting in the states.

Does anyone have information of additional demonstrations?


Anonymous said...

The people protesting are Arabs ---it doesn't make people very happy to see immigrants acting like savages in a country they choose to live in---if they feel so intense, they should move back to their homeland, pray to Allah, and help their brothers and sisters---and hopefully Israel will send them all to Hell. No sympathy here for terrorists.

Oh, yes, I forgot there are idiots like the former President Jimmy Carter. He wrote another op-ed for the Washington Post blaming all the problems in the Middle East on Israel. In Carter's universe Hamas is good. Jews are evil.

Batya said...

Vicki, don't blame immigrants, when the accents are totally American.

Leora said...

Batya, follow Atlas Shrugs (Pamela Geller)

She's based in NY, so NY shows up a lot. She mentioned Hawaii and LA recently.

Batya said...

Leora thanks. Good idea.