Monday, August 24, 2009

What's This "Obama Plan?"

Arutz 7 has had the details of "Obama's Peace Plan" on its site the past couple of days.

I've been planning on writing some scathing criticism of Bibi's government for not condemning it, but first I wanted more details. Arutz 7 is a fine news site, up to a point. Many of its new articles, besides hometown Judea, Samaria and a few other places in Israel, are culled from other news sites. So, I've wanted to find more about this plan.

So far nothing. I couldn't find anything in The New York Times. Of course, it may just be that I'm an awfully incompetent news researcher. The A7 article is based on a Saudi Arabian one.

Over the years, when I've done this sort of research, I would just discover the same text/reports in all the news services.

So if anyone knows of something, please let me know in the comments. I really wonder if Obama would come out with anything like this. It seems much "too pro-Jewish settlement."


Shtuey said...

There have been all kinds of rumors. It's not even clear to me that he's going to release a plan. The variations that I've heard are large settlement blocks near the green line stay, but I've also heard that Yesha will be evacuated. I've heard Jerusalem will be divided.

Classic tactics from this guy is circulate a lot of disinformation and keep the truth hidden. I don't think anyone knows the truth, and this is by design. You can't counter a plan if you have no idea what it is.

DEBKAfile reported earlier in the month that there wasn't going to be a plan, but a conference like, what an original idea.

That A7 article is the only one I've found on this. I tried to dig up confirmation too.

My gut from the beginning is that he wants the '49 ceasefire lines and a divided Jerusalem with a UN flag over Har HaBayit. He already floated the UN thing.

The only sane thing that a sane leader of Israel would do is disengage from the White House, dismiss the freeze as it will a) gain Israel nothing, and b) Yesha is the heartland of the Jewish people and we are not leaving or dividing it.

If y'all want me to pinch hit for Bibi I think I could free up my schedule. :)

Batya said...

Actually, I was asked last week to be Prime Minister, but the person who asked doesn't have the authority. Honestly! There are witnesses.

The A7 version doesn't make sense, since they think that Obama would support neighborhoods like "Neveh Yaakov, Pisgat Ze'ev." No way, since the US doesn't even recognize israel's right to Ramat Eshkol.

My gut feeling is to ignore this, since I can't imagine Obama supporting it.

We have to keep the Israeli Govt incommunicado!

Shtuey said...

I think you'd make a fine Prime Minister. I think a Beitarnik in the big chair is exactly what Israel needs right now.

I agree, that plan on A7 makes no sense; not something the White House would advocate at all. They want us out at the green line.

Batya said...

Thanks, though I'm just one of those unelectable people with great ideas.

If there was something to the A7 report we'd see lots more about it.

Anonymous said...

First of all, if the plan makes no sense, that certainly is a sign that it comes from the Obama administration.

Second of all, we need to just say "no".

Keli Ata said...

Not necessarily, Batya. It could be that Obama is only circulating his plan through the Arab media. The western press which adores Obama would be unlikely to report on it even if they were aware of it.

A7 being based in the Middle East could very well have sources that are not available to the mainstream western media.

All I know is that Obama during his campaign announced in Germany: "People of Berlin, people of the world, this is OUR moment."

A day earlier he recanted on his position that Jerusalem shouldn't be divided after being pressured by Hamas.

That was all I needed to know about Obama and his plans for Israel.

I agree with Shutey about Obama and circulating disinformation and hiding the truth. Or to paraphrase from a scene from The Exorcist--the devil mixes lies with truth to confuse.

Batya said...

Shy, yes, we're saying a simple "no," but our politicians aren't.
Whatever the original source, the Arabs are now touting 2011 as target date.
Keli, mind-tricks for sure are on their menu.