Tuesday, August 18, 2009

-- Voted for Feiglin And Got Barak or The Jewish National Psychosis

Many Israeli voters are pro-Jews for Land of Israel, lots more than the numbers who voted for Ichud Le'umi, The National Union. The NU was the only political party not willing to compromise on our Jewish National Civil Rights.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has no pride, endangering the country to please U.S. President Obama. What's the point of restricting Jewish life?

In all honesty, what's the difference between Bibi's policies and what Tsippi Livne and Ehud Barak support?

  • Why have successive Israeli Governments, whether elected as Right, Left or Center given such authority to the United States?
  • Why is our government negotiating with the United States about our basic rights as an independent country?
  • What is wrong with us?

Ever since I began sending out my articles, and later on blogging and getting published in a few periodicals, I'm asked the same question:

Why aren't Israelis out in the street protesting?

There seems to be a serious national psychosis, personality disorder, which affects most Jews both in Israel and the galut, abroad.

Jews are always in the forefront of all civil rights protest movements, except when Jews are the victims!

Even though successive "gestures" to our enemies have only brought us terrorism and war, we keep trying to give them more.

Patriotic Israelis who support Jewish Rights in the Land of Israel voted for the Likud, even though Bibi Netanyahu made it clear that he was pushing "Center" policies and disenfranchising the more Right wing members of the Likud, especially Moshe Feiglin.

I'm a pragmatist, maybe simplistic in my logic. I see things clearly. I look at the facts, the actions. Don't try to sway me with theory and wishfulness. It just doesn't work on me. I'm probably a bad candidate for hypnosis.

My priorities are simple.

  • The Land of Israel for the People of Israel, the Jewish People!
  • We can't trust anyone but ourselves and G-d Almighty!

The Jewish Month of Elul, the preparatory month before Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur, the High Holidays, begins tonight.

Chodesh Tov

May it be a good month,

A month of Tshuva (Repentance) and Blessings.


Anonymous said...

You voted for Katzeleh and got Barak. Think about it.

In the meantime, while Katzeleh whines in impotency in the opposition corner, Moshe Feiglin continues to influence relevant people.

Had we all voted together to back up the loyal Jews within the Likud, this would be happening on a much greater scale. Instead, the chances of a rebellion are so much weaker now. The kind of rebellion that forced Sharon to leave the Likud and take half the drek with him.

But you just don't get it. And - no - this is not a Cheirut redux.

Hadassa said...

Even all of the votes that went to NU and Jewish Home went to MY and the Likud, we'd still have far too much drek in the Likud. And we would have NO alternative to the Likud.
Ya'alon is all talk - it's good talk, but it almost definitely won't be anything but talk.

Batya said...

Shy, Feiglin has no chance in Likud. Tzippi Hotobelli is just window-dressing. Bibi and coherts rule, and it doesn't matter whom the voters really wanted. In the Israeli system, you vote for policy not people. And the closest party to the policy we want is National Union.

Bibi would have been better in the opposition. His policies have been Kadima/Labor.

The Likud has destroyed more Jewish homes and communities than any other party in our history.

Hadassa, thanks

Ariel ben Yochanan said...


The problem with Feiglin is not what he says, it's what he does: funneling precious, good Jewish nationalist energies right back to the center of the anti-Jewish, anti-religious establishment. That's why I keep telling people not to vote. We are in Eretz Israel now, not in America, and whereas democracy might be good for the nations, it has nothing to do with us. We were actually warned against it in different places. Where does it say in the Torah: "Go, vote in a knesset over yourselves"? I don't want to get nasty here, it is not my intention, but let me ask you: "What do we do with people who go astray"?
Moral of the story is this: don't vote! Request your Jewish institutions G-d commanded us to have on the Land. Please don't give me the instinctive and secularist response: "it's not realistic". The Jewish mission statement in this world is to make Torah a reality. Now, in our days!

Batya said...

ariel, it's still necesary to vote, but vote for firm ideology. That's why I've been voting Ichud Le'umi, NU. It may not be perfect but it's as close as we have.

Ariel ben Yochanan said...


We won't agree on this one Batya, sorry. Change can never come from knesset. It's not a Torah institution. It's a headquarter of Erev Rav deception. Evil, with other words.

Best and Shavua tov

Batya said...

One of the unique things in Judaism is that it combines the holy and the profane, this world and the next.
And that's why we must do our hishtadlut with prayers, actions and voting.