Monday, August 10, 2009

Is Criticism Subversive?

Sammy, of the Lid, has a very interesting article on Pajamas Media about criticizing U.S. President Obama. For some people, Obama is double-coated with Teflon.

Here in Israel, the anti-Dissident movement has gotten stronger and stronger ever since Yitzchak Rabin bad-mouthed his opponents, paraphrasing Rhett Butler's famous "I don't give a damn." It's is the best translation of his: "לא מזיז לי, lo maziz li, it doesn't move/affect/influence me."

After Menachem Begin's destruction of Yamit and other Jewish communities when he gave the Sinai to Sadat, he freed the opponents and cleared their records. The anti-Disengagement dissidents are still suffering the legal consequences of their opposition.

In a democracy, one is permitted to oppose government decisions. The majority may win elections, but it doesn't win minds.

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