Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One of Bibi's Better Soundbites

This is all so obvious, but unfortunately rare to hear it from an Israeli politician in power:
Netanyahu to UK: Jerusalem is Sovereign Capital of Israel

Actually in this speech, he gets even better.
"Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is the sovereign capital of the State of Israel, and Israel will not accept limits on its sovereignty there," he told reporters bluntly. "We have been building in Jerusalem for 3,000 years."

Moreover, growing Jewish families in the existing communities of Judea and Samaria need schools for their children and homes to live in, he added. "This is different from grabbing land," he emphasized, and said he hoped to find a "bridging formula" that would enable Jews living in the regions to live a "normal life."

Unfortunately, without consistent action, it's just empty words. And why distinguish between different cities, town, etc into "settlements" and "not settlements?"
I don't understand why we don't arbitrarily decide which city we should recognize as capital of the countries which refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital City! Obviously, New York City is the Capital of the United States, and Liverpool is the Capital of Great Britain. Which cities/countries would you recommend?


Netivotgirl said...

I've almost totally stopped listening to the news so thanks for the update, Batya! Words are cheap, but maybe (halevei) they WILL be followed by actions.

One thing you can say about Bibi-- it's a joy to hear him speak in English. Quite eloquent. Hopefully his actions will someday come close to matching his oral ability!

Batya said...

Amen, if only he would stop trying to be a politician and become a true Jew.

josh said...

our hasbara is mere empty words because the government rarely backed it up with actions:
Crying to the world about terrorists and murderers, and then releasing them (bleeding heart Scottish judges look really stupid now)
Claiming that Jews cannot be limited to ghettos, and then forbidding growth. etc...

Batya said...

josh, sadly true
words just words