Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finally, Caroline Glick Took Off Her Bibi-Blinding Glasses

I've found Caroline Glick, of the Jerusalem Post, to be almost brilliant at times. What dulled her has been her worship and trust in Binyamin Netanyahu. So many times, I've been disappointed that she had ruined a great opinion article by agreeing with Bibi.

Now finally, she has opened her eyes and criticized him.

"This week we discovered that we have been deceived. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's principled rejection of US President Barack Obama's bigoted demand that Israel bar Jews from building new homes and expanding existing ones in Judea and Samaria does not reflect his actual policy.
Construction and Housing Minister Ariel Attias let the cat out of the bag.

Attias said that the government has been barring Jews from building in the areas since it took office four months ago, in the hopes that by preemptively capitulating to US demands, the US will treat Israel better.

And that's not all. Today Netanyahu is reportedly working in earnest to reach a deal with the Obama administration that would formalize the government's effective construction ban through 2010...

Unfortunately, far from treating Israel better as a result of Netanyahu's willingness to capitulate on the fundamental right of Jews to live and build homes in the land of Israel, the Obama administration is planning to pocket Israel's concession and then up the ante. Administration officials have stated that their next move will be to set a date for a new international Middle East peace conference that Obama will chair. There, Israel will be isolated and relentlessly attacked as the US, the Arabs, the Europeans, the UN and the Russians all gang up on our representatives and demand that Israel accept the so-called 'Arab peace plan.'"

Honestly, if you read my articles (blog posts) you know perfectly well, that I've been complaining for years that "concessions," agreeing to foreign and Israeli Left-wing policies and demands only make more demands, stronger demands on us.

Glick isn't saying anything different. She just finally woke up that Bibi is no savior, no leader. He's just another Israeli politician barking up the wrong tree. Our Israeli Prime Minister is a follower, not a leader. Unfortunately, he has buried his potential and is now interchangeable with Livni, Barak and even Olmert in terms of policies.

But Glick is still deluded:

"For Israel to secure its national interests, Palestinian society needs to be fundamentally reorganized."

We can't and shouldn't expect such a thing as a "reorganized" "Palestinian society." Changes in social and cultural values and morality must come from within the society in question. Outsiders can't change things. That's one of the reasons that the United States is failing and dying in Iraq.

Stop being in such a rush. We won't have "peace now." It will take generations for peace to evolve. If it's not true peace it's a dangerous sham. We must stop talking peace, stop searching and begging for peace. It only makes us vulnerable and weak. The Arabs don't respect us, and that causes violence.

There's only one way for us to be secure, and that's to be strong and stop listening to others and stop trying to get love and approval from foreign countries.

Get back to basics. There's only One we must please, and that's G-d Almighty!


Anonymous said...

glick is not deluded. palestinian society must fundamentally change. she did not say that israel must change it. this is your inference, possibly influenced by your general judeo/israelocentrism.

there are in fact levels of peace. look at the cold war, or our peace with egypt or jordan, which is far better than our relationship with syria etc.

theres only one we must please, and that is god. or, as you understand god. i may have a different take on what god wants, so to speak.

Shtuey said...

I think Glick is still deluded. She thinks BIbi is not like Olmert and Livni. He is exactly like Olmert and Livni. The question is, can his right-wing coaltion stiffen his spine, or take him down, without the left taking over and ramming Judenrein and Israeli suicide down everyone's throats.

As far as the notion of "levels of peace," pushed by the anonymous commenter, there is no peace with Egypt of Jordan. Had Israel driven tanks into Cairo, Damascus, and Amman when it had the chance, had Israel finished defeating Hezbollah and Hamas, if Israel would stand for its Jewishness and not the faux values of the Left, then there would be peace. If history has taught us anything, peace is not made with those that don't accept you, or are dedicated to killing you. Both Cairo and Amman have both recently declared that they do not accept that Israel must be recognized as a Jewish state. Giving back Sinai was a mistake. Signing a treaty with Jordan has brought Israel what exactly? Another snake whispering in the Prime Minister's ear while the fraud king strips non Hashemites of their citizenship in a frantic attempt to hide the truth that Jordan was the partitioned Arab state.

Ceasefires don't bring peace with a genocidal enemy, and we know what "land for peace" brought in Azza.

"There's only one way for us to be secure, and that's to be strong and stop listening to others and stop trying to get love and approval from foreign countries.

Get back to basics. There's only One we must please, and that's G-d Almighty!"


Batya said...

a, I'm an EFL English teacher and Glick used passive, meaning that the P society would be changed, not that it would change itself. Read carefully, please. Don't infer/project what you want to see.

Shtuey, there is no "right-wing coaltion." He's aligned with the Loony Left.

Shtuey said...

Well, let's pray he can be taken down before the damage is done.

Kae Gregory said...

I posted here before the elections that BB is ultimately, a professional politician. His most important goal in the end, is preserving his position and power and securing all he can for himself once he concludes his career. This character make up of professional politicians is that it makes them overly vulnerable to external influences who can help them reach their ultimate goals.

Batya said...

yes, Stuey,
Kae, if he had run Right, rather than Center, he would have gotten all those votes Lieberman picked up.