Sunday, August 9, 2009

Idolatry by Association

Posted by Jewish Israel

Is there such a thing (a snare?) as "accidental idolatry" or "worshiping idols in purity"? Read this brief, but eye-opening post,which is sure to make certain people squirm in both Israel and the Diaspora.

Haaretz finds religion (the wrong one, of course)
Jewish Israel did a double-take at the homepage (nothing Haaretz can print really surprises us anymore – but this did). On the left-hand column past the rotating Google ads, under the Gilad Shalit captivity counter, and above candle-lighting time, is a red on black paid-for advertisement for Jesus.

We blogged about this and we suggest that you drop Haaretz a line at or if you're really inspired write a letter to the editor at


Netivotgirl said...

Ellen, thank heavens there are people like you in Am Yisrael that take issue with and fight the horrible missionary activity that goes on here in Eretz Ha'kodesh. For, as you have previously mentioned, they prey on the weakest of our people as did Amalek.

Chizki v'imtzi!! Kol Ha'kavod!

ellen said...

Thanks so much for those humbling comments, Netivotgirl.

The positive feedback really helps!

Everyone should know that there is a team of very hard workers behind Jewish Israel. It's not just me by a long shot.

For now they're keeping a low and modest profile, but I hope we will have full bios up on the site soon.

Thanks again (and thanks, once again, to Batya for letting Jewish Israel state our case via Shilohmusings)

Anonymous said...

i thought this would be a post about chabad...

Anonymous said...

i thought this would be a post about chabad...

While I detect a touch of cynicism in your comment, the article could certainly apply to a certain subset of Chabadniks.

However, I think this article touches on a larger issue, which is affecting all of Klal Yisrael on a grander scare, both in Israel and abroad.

Ellen said...

You're right, Shy Guy.
This one isn't about Chabad. But some of the folks who are rightfully concerned with the over-the-top messianism of a certain subset of Chabad may find that they themselves have fallen into to the idolatry snare by working for, encouraging and praising certain evangelical sects which are intent on gaining influence and disciples in Israel.

Unknown said...

That's messed up.

I know that things seem bad with so much missionary activity. I use to be one of them... in fact, I was one of the "frum" messianics. I was always counted in minyanim, and was even called upon to give devar Torah... messianics are sneaky and it takes a good eye to know how to catch them.

I've converted now and live in a Charedi community because I couldn't keep swallowing the lie I was perpetrating.

ellen said...

Welcome to the tribe, Steven.
I just heard another former Christian tell his story on Yehudah HaKohen's A7 Radio show, "the Struggle". What an incredible struggle people go through in order to leave the church!

I was interviewed in the first half of the show and spoke about Jewish Israel,and former Christian Shmuel Amos Mann was interviewed in the second half.
You can hear it at