Monday, August 31, 2009

Back In The News: Ehud Olmert

Yes, Israel's disgraced Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert is back in the news.  Mr. Teflon has been caught, indicted for multiple fraud and corruption.  Basically, all the international news articles say the same thing.

I must admit that I was one of the many who used to respect him and anxiously awaited his term as Prime Minister.  Yes, that was when he was Mayor of Jerusalem and touting Jewish Rights to the Land of Israel.  That's when we saw him as a proud Israeli of Betar Revisionist background and ideology.

Foolishly I had no doubts that he'd be the Prime Minister the country truly needed, and still needs.

Olmert conned us, tricked us.  All the while he spoke as a patriot, he had already adopted his wife's rabid, extreme, loony Left policies.  He was a "sleeper," just waiting for his chance to reveal his true self.

In the end, OK we're not yet finished or even started with the trial.  Ironically, it wasn't his Left wing policies, Disengagement and badly run wars which brought him down.  It was the selfish, addictive corruption which snared Olmert.

Now, it's up to Israel's Judicial to make Ehud Olmert pay for his crimes in this world, Olam HaZeh, while the True Judge, G-d will work out his account in Olam HaBa, the World to Come.

No surprise that this has happened in the Jewish Month of Elul, the month we're supposed to reflect and repent, do Tshuva.


Anonymous said...

i actually think it was lebanon 2 which drove olmert out. that is, a prime minister with any self-respect would have resigned after that catastrophe -- see golda meir after the yom kippur war -- but olmert didnt do that. so the press, the judiciary, whoever -- you know, those guys you regularly vilify -- said, if you dont leave honorably, we will get rid of you dishonorably.
i am not sure why this is such big news though. this is not the first time he has been indicted. are these indictments worse than previous ones?

Batya said...

I think the previous announcements were always that "soon he'll be indicted."
He held on after the war, always smiling and standing tall, just like they tell you in the "how to succeed books."