Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Sure The Arab Terrorists In Gaza Are Having A Good Laugh

How many times have we heard this?

Last update - 15:24 10/08/2009
Israel vows to respond to every Gaza rocket

And how many hundreds, how many thousands of rockets have the Arabs launched at our innocent Israeli civilians?

They mock us, knowing that our elected politicians care more for their perks than they do for the security of our Land and country.

Ehud Olmert had stated that he was tired of fighting, even tired of winning. I'm not, but I am tired of listening to the bravado of idle threats by our pathetic sounding politicians and so-called military leaders.

I'd like to see the IDF attack the terrorists every time a rocket is launched by the Arabs at Israel. If they attack us ten times in a day, we have to fight back twenty times!

Remember that the aim of the Arab terrorists is the destruction of Israel. There's nothing to negotiate and nobody to negotiate with.


Netivotgirl said...

Muse, every word you wrote is true! What galled me was hearing Tzippy Livni yesterday say that the Gerush was a "historic and correct" decision to make!

I just wonder if HER sons ran into her bedroom during the night from fear; peed in their beds and needed tranquilizers like some of my Sederot pupils she'd feel the same way....... not that I'd wish that on anybody....

I do, however, wish that EVERY Knesset member had to live 1/2 a year in Sederot just to get the real feel of things when it is not quiet. As the media loves saying, "Dvarim s'roim may'po lo roim may'sham!"

Batya said...

Thanks, and what do we hear from the MK's who live in the south, like Amir Peretz? Does he live in some rocketproof bubble?

Hadassa said...

Amir Peretz just prefers to ignore the "flying objects"' as Dov Weissglass called them, even though his bodyguard lost a leg during a missile attack while standing next to him. Avi Dicter also lives in Ashkelon within Kassam range, and doesn't say a word. It's shocking to me that these men don't care about their own families. They're certainly not hypocritical about "sacrifices for peace".

Batya said...

Hard to believe, rather inhuman.