Friday, August 21, 2009

The Fragrance of The Shechina

This morning, the first day of the Jewish Month of Elul, I joined other women for a calm and leisurely Prayer and Psalm session at Tel Shiloh.

We all felt the Shechina, G-'d's presence, as we prayed to G-d, possibly, in the very same area the Biblical Chana did thousands of years ago.

What a contrast to the stressful, crowd-filled Kever Rachel, Rachel's Tomb, which is strangled by concrete and bars.

That's one of the reasons I began inviting women to come to Shiloh on Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of each Jewish Month.

Tel Shiloh is open for visitors everyday but Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. Tours may be arranged. For more information email or call 02-994-4019. If you'd like to join my Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayer Group, please email me, shilohmuse at gmail dot com


Shtuey said...

What a brilliant way to spend the Rosh Chodesh. That's one of the reasons I try and find small minyanim for the High Holidays. At the synagogues I wouldn't be surprised to walk up to a building and find people scalping tickets...not the best way to put oneself in place with the Divine Presence.

Batya said...

"scalping" for dovening, an oxymoron and chillul Hashem!

I love my little neighborhood shul and teh dovening there.

Keli Ata said...

What an absolutely beautiful post:) The fragrance of the Shechina!

Shtuey--you're kidding about the scalping tickets, aren't you?

Batya said...

Thanks Keli, I'm glad you like it.
We don't sell tickets to shul here.