Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm Sure They Like The Publicity

Fatah is a failure at governing and a failure at the polls, but its conference is giving them a lot of play in the international press. According to international politicians, they're the Arabs of choice to govern the Pseudistinian (aka Palestinians) whose aim is to destroy Israel.

I fail to find any serious distinguishing characteristics and ideology between them and Hamas. And I don't see how the United States can be against al Qaeda when it's so palsy with Fatah.


Unknown said...

Dear Muse, et al.,

I've been following your blog for the last while and am currently in Israel for a few months. I would very much like to visit Shiloh, and I'm wondering if there are tours given on a regular basis (I read a while back about one such tour) or how I should best go about planning to come to your area. I don't want to just show up and expect you to have time to talk to me or show me around.

Thanks a lot for any tips or information you can give me.

Best Regards!

Batya said...

I'm not a tour guide. There's a tourism office at Tel Shiloh, which is open during the weekdays, not Shabbat. 02-9944019