Saturday, August 8, 2009

This New World Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Davka this week, when I finally signed up for Twitter...

Just as I was getting used to those short nudgy messages called Twitter, it seemed like my computer was getting too old, overloaded and stressed out. Twitter wasn't twitting too well, and I began getting strange "no service" type of messages. My homepage kept telling me to upgrade to Explorer 8, which I even did, but nothing helped.

Now, finally I've discovered that those difficulties had nothing to do with me and my computer. It was nothing so personal, at least concerning me. There was some targeted cyber attack on a Georgian, not the Scarlett O'Hara, Georgia, it was the one which was once part of the Soviet Union.

"Security experts say that it is nearly impossible to determine who exactly is behind the attack, which disrupted access to Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and some Google sites on Thursday and continued to affect many Twitter users into Friday evening."

The good news is that my computer difficulties were not because of my ancient computer, but the bad news is that the cyber world can use its powers in a bad way. We're so dependent on the internet, and we're all so vulnerable.

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