Sunday, August 23, 2009

If It's Good Enough For The USA, It's Good Enough For Israel!

This interesting little New York Times article illuminates some information which I hadn't realized was true. Not even the United States automatically reveals the names etc of its non-American prisoners to the International Red Cross.

So, if that's the case, we really don't have to cooperate with the Red Cross or any other international body, nor do we have to give our Arab terrorist prisoners more than the minimal food and medical care. We certainly don't have to give them visitors, nor packages. They shouldn't have the rights to lawyers and clergymen. They shouldn't have telephones nor television, videos nor dvd. They are prisoners not campers. They are enemies not friends.

And not only must we demand that Gilad Shalit be released and sent home, we have other missing soldiers, such as Ron Arad and the others captured decades ago, during the Lebanese War. If they're alive, then let them return home to their families and friends, and if they're dead, let their families bury them here in Israel.

Israel must stop this nebichy, weak nice-guy schtick and start showing self-respect and determination.

Successive Israeli Governments have just been embarrassments and failures. It's time to stop and use the strength G-d has given us. Nachshon, where are you?


Shtuey said...

Batya, you've asked an extraordinarily valid and appropriate question. Where is Nachshon.

Here's my answer.

Batya said...

Stuey, thanks for elaborating on my post.
We all must be Nachshon, each and every one of us must do what's right without fear.