Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today and Yesterday, Two Sites Worth Visiting

If only there was something like this, Toldot Yisrael, and organization collecting oral histories of those who fought for Israel's Independence, when my Uncle Izzy was still alive. Uncle Izzy was extremely reticent about telling his story, or more precisely stories, from the time he came to help the Jewish refugees from post WWII Nazi Europe who were attempting to make aliyah, emigrate to Israel.

After decades of silence, secrecy, Uncle Izzy was willing to answer a few of our questions, because we were living in Israel and knew the history. He didn't tell his children anything. As in many families, we missed out and never recorded him. "Next time" never happened, since he passed away.

A totally different site worth visiting is Through Torah Colored Glasses. It's Evelyn Hayes' blog. Evelyn is the hardworking idealist who has been instrumental in bringing more than just pilgrims to Kever Rachel. You can read her essays and more on the site.

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