Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Will Obama Be A New FDR?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected United States President four times. There was no law against it at the time. Only afterwards was a constitutional amendment #22 passed to forbid such a thing.

With the leadership of the Republican Party looking like an empty black pit and no competition from his own Democratic Party, there's a move to make the young U.S. President available for office for longer than the eight year, two term limit. It would take a few years to vote to repeal the twenty-second amendment, but it's a possibility.

The bigger question is if in the meantime Obama will actually succeed in improving things in America, fulfilling the wish-list of his supporters etc.

No matter who's in charge, the economy has its ups and downs. So, yes, that means that things will improve regardless of what the government does.

I expect that the anti-Israel sentiment/policies will leave the closet. Except for the 1967 Six Days War euphoria, U.S. policies have never really been pro-Israel. And there is has been so much anti-Israel ideology in the universities for decades, that even minuscule support should be considered miraculous.

Obama and Obama-like politicians in America are the wave of the future. American Jews ought to pack their bags and come home to Israel! But first they have to wake up and accept the truth instead of lying to themselves.

And please don't forget that Roosevelt did nothing to save European Jewry from Nazi annihilation/murder.

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