Friday, July 10, 2009

Shocking! I Agree With Sarkozy!!

All along, I've been saying that it would be a bad idea for Israel to bomb Iran. European and American leaders have been playing with the egos of our "leaders," like bullies teasing their victims, egging them on to do daring and foolish things. And then after the deed, they say:

"Not my problem. I didn't do it."

So the victim is doubly, triply victimized.
A unilateral attack by Israel against Iran to thwart the Islamic republic's nuclear ambitions would be an "absolute catastrophe", French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Thursday.
Sarkozy was speaking after a summit of G8 and other leaders in Italy at which they agreed on the need to pursue a negotiated deal with Tehran to halt a programme which Western powers fear hides a plan to acquire nuclear weapons.
"Israel should know that it is not alone and look at all this calm. If I have fought so hard in the name of France to get people talking about Iran it's also a message to the Israelis that they are not alone," he said. (complete article)

I'm no Sarkozy fan, but here he's on target. Iran is an international problem, not an exclusively Israeli one.


Anonymous said...

Great ... and the Holocaust was not a Jewish problem either.

Israel never has and never should sit and wait for the world to own up to its responsibility. We Jews have a pretty compelling history on that account.

Anonymous said...

Batya, Sarkozy/G8/Obama are to Iran as Chamberlain was to Nazi Germany.

We're the ones on target.

Batya said...

a, whoever you are, what's the connection? Europe and the US fought Germany and totally ignored the racist elements (anti-semitism etc) of the Nazi regime. That's because it really didn't bother them.

Israel is not the main target of the Iranians. They haven't banished the Jews either.

Israel shouldn't be defending the United States. The United States ought to take a good look at Iran and at the Arab terrorists attacking Israel (Hamas, PA, etc.) Those terrorists are related to the ones America fears; letting them attack us will only whet their appetite for more,juicier morsels, like the USA.

Anonymous said...

Batya, are you sure you understand what Sarkozy is saying or am I misunderstanding you?

Kae Gregory said...

I normally agree with you. Not this time. Not totally, anyway. To believe Europeans when they say they stand with Israel is to me, like believing that giving up land will cause the Palestinians to become friendly and cooperative neighbors. Sarkozy may want to stand with Israel, but if push comes to shove (in an intense confrontation between Israel, Iran or Arabs), his country would explode if he conspicuously sided with Israel. On the off chance there were a serious confrontation between France and Iran, Israel would still be Iran's first target just so they could show what they could do, just as Saddam Hussein did during the first cold war. Europe can live with Iran having a few nuclear weapons. Israel can't - even if they are being victimized by the U.S.

Batya said...

Shy, Kae, It's because I don't trust the world, especially Sarkozy, Obama etc I wouldn't want Israel to try an attack on Iran. We wouldn't be supported only condemned, even if there are prior promises.

Shy, re: your earlier comment which was posted when I was posting my earlier one, Iran is a world problem. And in terms of the Nazi vision of taking over the world, the "Jewish problem" was more an insurance policy.

If Jews had been central to the Nazi plan Hitler wouldn't have attacked all those other countries. He wanted world domination and saw Jews as the people scattered all over in "competition."

josh said...

It is definitely a world problem but we know that we cannot depend on anyone else. The best example is North Korea - what is supposed to be the most secluded country is still around.

Only God knows what might happen when/if we bomb Iran and
A) we succeed or not and how that success is decided
B) how the world media will fan the flames
C) the 'street' reacts overseas
D) if a counter-attack is done directly by Iran or indirectly by unleashing terrorist sleeper cells around the world against Jewish / Israeli / and even other targets.

Sarkozy is afraid of the independent armed Jew and having the streets of France become more violent than usual. I think that even if we believe all the New World Order conspiracy theories, I assume that Israel and the Arabs are not fully on the board with that plan.

Batya said...

If I'm not mistaken, the 1956 Suez Campaign, in which Israel took over the Sinai began when Israel was urged by Great Britain and France to free the Suez Canal from egyptian rule.

Israel was then deserted and condemned.