Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is Obama's Popularity Really Dropping?

No surprise that Rush says it is. Rush Limbaugh could never stomach the guy. It's a straight Right vs Left scene.

Early in Bill Clinton's presidency, Hillary ruined her credibility with a Health Care Reform package. Obama's attempt is, also, making him less popular.

In Israeli politics, Education reform knocked down Limor Livnat and Yuli Tamir. They both made similar mistakes, treating teachers like lazy factory workers, demanding more from teachers instead of looking carefully at curriculum, teaching methods etc.

American health care is the pits. It's expensive and complicated. Something must be done, but is the program Obama's staff concocted the solution? Will the American health care industry accept change?


Anonymous said...

Yeh. Sure.

Maybe the US should get some health care hopeNchange ideas from Canada.

Americans are beginning to wise up. Unfortunately, it may be too late.

Batya said...

Great examples. But I wonder if it shows with the voters.
American Jews still worship FDR.

Hadassa said...

Shalom! has a few interesting articles about socialized medicine, including in Canada. One Canadian wrote in that it is illegal for doctors to work privately in Canada. He and his wife waited in an empty emergency waiting room with their sick infant for six hours for a doctor. He wrote that he would have been more than willing to pay 1,000 dollars on the spot to see a private doctor, but couldn't. Governments have done little good and much harm to health care and educational systems.

Batya said...

That's horrendous, rather totalitarian to forbid private medicine. In England, like Israel, there's more a combination. The dentist we had in London, when we were on shlichut, did fillings on National Health, but all the fancy stuff privately. I got my "strap bridge" from him. Every dentist here who has seen it was in awe, private, not cheap, but I got my money's worth.

American doctors would never put up with mandatory public medicine. Many would leave the country. I can't see the gov't forcing such a thing.

josh said...

C'mon, American doctors wouldn't leave the country. The Canadian system is still okay, except that is a shortage of doctors (like the rest of the world) since many move to the States and frankly, who can bother studying for seven years for anything?

Batya said...

Josh, your answer contradicts. You wrote that there aren't enough doctors in Canada, because too many doctors leave for the USA. Those doctors will choose another country, and fewer American doctors will stay in the states causing the same situation.

Many Doctors will go to where they can earn more and not be civil servants.

josh said...

What is the contradiction??

Canadian Drs leave to the States. American doctors are certainly not going to take their place in Canada (public medicine) or anywhere else.

Batya said...

If the USA sets up a system like Canada, it won't get the Canadian doctors, and it will lose more American trained ones and it won't get the Israeli ones either. Considering the massive distances in the states, medical care will go down for most.

h said...

I would say that a large number of Jewish doctors from America will come to Israel, where private medicine is allowed. (I think NBN offers incentives for doctors also.) Other doctors will go to a variety of countries, especially English speaking ones, that allow private medicine, even if socialized medicine is dominant. American doctors do not like to be pushed around.

Hadassa said...

That h was me, Hadassa. My finger slipped.

Batya said...

yes, so true, Hadassa