Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cell Phone Menace

Israeli accident rates on the road would be a lot worse if Israelis weren't so gadget crazy. One life-saving gadget I see lots more in Israel than in the states is the automobile cell phone hookup.

Americans are discovering competition for drunk drivers as most dangerous. Those drivers trying to punch in numbers, text messages and drive simultaneously are a real danger.

For a while Israelis were buying phones with voice activated dialing. The phones are mounted, or attached to the front facing the driver. With voice activated phones, the driver doesn't even have to look at the phone. It's "trained" to recognize the owner's voice and automatically dial the phone or turn the call on/off.

Even without voice control, the phones are on loudspeaker, not hand held.

That's safer than when the driver turns his/her head to address someone in the back seat... We've all witnessed that dangerous act.

Roads are getting faster, and distractions are getting greater. We should all thank G-d when we arrive safely to our destinations!


Anonymous said...

I had a texter that almost swiped me the other day. Idiots.

Batya said...

B"H, you're OK.