Sunday, July 12, 2009

missionary conversions and recycled news

Posted by Jewish Israel

Evangelicals recycle messianic old “good news”
Recently, the Standing with Israel newsletter section of Charisma Magazine ran a feature article by messianic “Rabbi” Baruch Rubin entitled: Messianic Judaism Recognized in Israel and Elsewhere
The text of the article reports that, The Messianic Action Committee (MAC) “under the name Action Committee for Messianic Judaism in Hebrew, has been officially recognized as an Israeli not-for-profit organization. This means that the government of Israel now officially recognizes Messianic Judaism!”
Well, Jewish Israel felt that the Christian rabbi was pushing the envelope a bit far, because attaining non-profit status in Israel is not analogous to being recognized as a branch of Judaism. So we decided to investigate the misleading report...more

Missionary converts: a history lesson
The Israeli Rabbinate is faced with a significant number of converts to Judaism who continue to believe in Jesus and operate as missionaries. At the same time a government ministerial committee is set to discuss a proposal to prevent the Rabbinate from canceling conversions. Jewish Israel gives an essential history lesson of a time and a case when the Israeli government, High Court, and the Chief Rabbinate were in sync with each other. It should have set a precedent, but now the secular courts and our “evangelical friends” are set to try and supersede Torah Judaism in Israel with so-called “religious freedom”. Readers should review this post, as we are now faced with a direct spiritual threat to everything a Jew should hold dear...more

Freund Finds Friends in Finland
Michael Freund has put Club Med writers to shame with his latest piece on “pleasant”, “peaceful”, “pristine” Finland – a place where “Baptists, Pentecostals and Lutherans…stand united” in their support for Israel. Freund feels that “Israel and world Jewry must do more to cultivate relations with Helsinki.”
Well, before anyone start sowing more seeds, Jewish Israel feels obligated to offer our readership, and Mr. Freund, a whirlwind virtual tour of “the other side of Finland” – a place where Baptists, Pentecostals and Lutherans conspire together in their efforts to target Jews for conversion...more


josh said...

We visited Qumran during Pesach. The state of Israel, or at least its nature reserves authority certainly recognizes the fish jews. Their memorabilia was all over the souvenir store. I can handle the crucifixes and other Xian tzatzkes, but the fish menorah logo was making me sick.

ellen said...

Hi Josh,
I know what you mean. At least with crosses and crucifixes, we know where we stand (and we stand separate). But this "crossing" over the line, grafted, one-new- man, fish symbol stuff represents a mixing and mutation of faiths that truly is unsettling (cult-like) - and simply wrong.

Keli Ata said...

Just try to alert people that the fish on the menorah symbol is the hallmark for the messianic movement. I think a lot of Jews just see the menorah and don't have a clue about the fish symbol--this blurring of the lines is deplorable but that's what they're doing to trick Jews.

Crosses and crufifixes are too obvious, so now they're resorting to blending Jewish symbols and xtian ones.

I think a lot of Judaica companies and tourism locations are catering to xtians and this is the result of it.

Keli Ata said...

As for the equally deplorable situation of xtians converting to Judaism only to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return...I am at a loss for words. I just don't understand how this can happen.

And again, not to sound like a broken record but I agree 100-percent with Jewish Israel. This whole Christian Zionist movement is a con job.

They're pouring on the "we love Israel and the Jewish people" just a little too thick.

Years ago while still a Catholic I prayed for Jerusalem re Tehillim 122:6. I sponsored an Israeli child via Save the Children and my mom volunteered to care for a frail elderly Jewish woman.

No fanfare. No "look at how wonderful we are" or anything. These new xtian zionists? Too strong to not be suspicious of, especially when you consider the many many anti-semitic slip ups they make on xtian television.

Don't trust them. In practical terms? Accept their offers to pray for Israel the peace of Israel and allow them to visit but leave it there. If Israel needs humanitarian aid let it come from legitimate Jewish organizations.

And if your living outside of Israel, buy from Jewish companies to support the economy so they don't have to rely on messianic/christian customers.

ellen said...

As always, your comments are interesting,Keli Ata.

I have such a wealth of good memories and experiences with Gentiles who supported Israel morally and financially without the fanfare and need to stamp "Christian" all over their efforts.

I also feel that the crux of the problem is being buried by both Jews and Christians. Jew are not wary of Christians because of generations of persecution and anti-Semitism (many of us never experienced it). Jews need to maintain a separation, because Christianity is idolatry for the Jew. And our obligations and calling is unique. Even if the Christians had been kind to us from time immemorial, we still would have to remain separate.

So, while Jews happily contribute to universal society as part of the family of man, we also need to guard and maintain our status as a unique nation. And this is the point which is being missed in the entire argument.

I have only good memories of my interactions with Gentiles, but when I see the line being blurred and the "grafting", "one-new-man",
"we are one" stuff coming at me from an over-zealous "Christian Zionist community", I instantly recoil (which is what a Jew should do).

The relationship can't work as long as it remains theological in nature.

cabbagejuice said...

Often overlooked is the money connection for proselytzing activities. The so-called Holy Land is a magnet for practically unlimited funds for those who proclaim themselves
"missionaries". And they missionize to whom? Natch, Jews and Moslems. Anyone who describes him or herself as a missionary cannot escape the dictionary meaning of the word.
Cabbagejuice offers a bird's eye view of what is probably the tip of an iceberg:
My closing words here: "Good fences make good neighbors."
Mixing religions is really perverse.