Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interesting Juxtaposition

Read these headlines:

I see a connection here, the insensitive hand of Ehud Barak. Yes, I know that Ariel Sharon of the Likud was the Prime Minister who forced Disengagement. There was no political opposition, because Barak's Labor Party supported it.

Also, I'll never ever forget the rampant terrorism during Barak's reign as Prime Minister.

We live in a crazy mixed up world. Many, many Israelis voted for the Likud, because they wanted a strong Right wing government. They expected him to make a coalition with Avigdor Lieberman, the NRP and the National Union. They were wrong. They were had! They voted Likud and got Labor. Barak is more powerful than Lieberman. Bibi has adopted Kadima's platform.

Israel's most Left wing policies have come from faux right wing politicians like Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon. And now Netanyahu is doing the same. The pro-Land of Israel politicians in the Likud are impotent. They have no power.

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