Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Aichah!" Why Is It...?

While our pre-Tisha B'Av meal is cooking on the stove, the words I heard in the Knesset two day ago, at MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari's seminar about Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount) are "cooking" in my mind.

This morning I read something from which raised the flame, or made it more like a "pressure cooker."

The prophet describes all of the suffering that befell the Jewish people at the time of the destruction of the Temple. "Eichah! How is it possible? The proud majestic city of Jerusalem, in ruins! Her inhabitants in exile! Her enemies rejoicing!"
The sages point out the similarity of the word "Eichah" (How!) and the word "Ayecha?" in Genesis when God asks "Where are you, Adam?" The answer to Jeremiah's question - How did it happen? - is that the Jewish people disregarded the Almighty, just as Adam did in the Garden of Eden
For years it has been bothering me that we, as a nation, people, religion, failed to do something crucially important as the 1967 Six Days War ended. G-d performed a miracle for us on the level, size of a Biblical miracle and we have been rejecting it.

The miracle is two-fold, and I'm using the present tense, because it still holds, bli eyin haraa, (keep away the evil eye.)

One is that the State of Israel, the first Jewish State in two thousand years survived the well-planned military onslaught from the north, south and west, which aimed to literally throw us into the sea. When the Jewish People left Egypt, G-d had to make miraculous passages through the water. In 1967, we stayed on dry ground.

The second miracle is the gift of the HolyLand, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Sinai, Jordan Valley, Golan and the missing parts of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount.

One of the speakers on Monday, (sorry, but I didn't take detailed enough notes,) reminded us that although two hours after we, with the help of G-d, liberated the Temple Mount government ministers decided to give the keys to the Wakf, the Temple Mount is still in our hands. Not all is lost. We can fix it. We can fix it if we want to.

Judea and Samaria, where most of our Biblical History took place are also still in our hands.

"Eichah! How is it possible?" How is it possible that Jewish leaders, rabbis from all over the world haven't returned home and settled our precious land?

"Eichah! How is it possible?" How is it possible that we haven't built our Holy Temple in the forty-two (42) years since Har HaBayit b'yadeinu, The Temple Mount is in our hands?


Anonymous said...

Probably because R ZY Kook said we shouldn't. And he probably said we shouldn't rebuild the temple because he knew you need a navi to authorize it.

Batya said...

So, he was a kotel fan. Too bad, we needed a leader then with full vision, not partial.
At the meeting on Monday, Yehuda Etzion marveled at the turn-out, saying that a few years ago, you could have held such a meeting in an elevator.
Baruch Hashem, the movement is growing.

Hadassa said...

Could you find a quote for what Rav Kook said? People sometimes forget that Rav Kook wasn't always opposed to certain actions, but he had priorities. The Rav simply had priorities and he couldn't do or lead everything simultaneously.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I have no idea who "a" is. I'm no expert in HaRav Kook.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what or who it takes to get the Beit Hamikdash built but I do know that we're not helping expedite the process by all the other things we do and don't do.

Before the lack of the Beit Hamikdash bothers us, we should first be concerned with the lack of being deserving of having the Beit Hamikdash being built. In fact, this is the essential message Chazal tell us in the famous medrash about everyone who has not had the Beit Hamikdash built in their generation, ourselves most certainly included.

Whether you hold that it will fall from the sky or that it will be built by us, the Rambam in Hichot Melachim Ch. 11:A, states that it is the job of Melech Hamashiach.

Expediate his arrival and you shall have the Beit Hamikdash. We have a ton of working and fixing to do!

Anonymous said...

Suggested reading:

Who's Afraid of the Temple?

Batya said...

Shabbat nachamu Shalom