Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Aren't There International Complaints And Cries?

Jordan's King Abdullah is following his family's tradition of treating his fellow Arabs badly. His grandfather and afterwards his father, the smiley, friendly, westernized womanizer, Hussein did it, too.

What did they all do? And now Abdullah is taking it even further.

They wouldn't absorb the Arabs who had fled Israel during the War of Independence. Jordan led all other Arabs in establishing permanent refugee camps, supported by the United Nations.

And now, even the former refugees who have made new lives are being told to get ready to pack. They have to leave their Jordanian citizenship. Actually, it's worse. Jordan is stripping the "Palestinians" of their Jordanian citizenship.

Israel, from even the pre-state time has been absorbing hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Jews from North-Africa, Arab countries, Europe and North and South America.

The Hashemites who rule Jordan are foreigners. The British sent them there to the empty desert east of the Jordan. There had never been a separate independent country there. It had no tradition, no history, so it was easy to plunk an ambitious sheik and his clan.

Now the Hashemites are trying to do ethnic cleaning in Jordan. If it goes too far, Abdullah will have to divorce his wife...


josh said...

On one hand, the west does not care at all if Jews are persecuting other Jews or if Arabs are persecuting other Arabs.

On the other hand, the west really, I mean really, could not care less about Arabs getting persecuted anywhere and sucks to be the group who is getting persecuted by Arabs because the world is too spineless to stand up against them.

Batya said...

And if Israel disenfranchised the Arabs in Jerusalem, what would happen?

Anonymous said...

muse said...

And if Israel disenfranchised the Arabs in Jerusalem


Should read "the Arabs in Israel."

That day will yet come.

Batya said...

They don't have the same exact history. I was thinking of the Arabs who only got citizenship in 1967. But you're right in the big picture.