Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Just Doing Their Jobs

A little justice will hopefully go a long way. Today the news here in Israel mentioned two cases in which workers are to be punished for doing their jobs badly, dangerously, injuring and in one case killing many.

One was the bus driver whose bad driving was blamed for the accident near Eilat where the bus went off the road, down a ravine killing over twenty tourists. The tourists were Russian travel agents on a promotion junket to Israel. Most went home in coffins or badly injured.

The second was the mounted policeman who rode his horse into protesters demonstration against government destruction in Amona.

The horse trampled Yehuda Etzion, of Ofra, a middle-aged grandfather.

G-d willing these cases will help educate the public that there's a consequence to their actions and they must pay for "mistakes."

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